Way is the #1 12 Volt Fridge Manufacturer in the RV Industry

Everchill by Way pioneered high capacity 12 volt refrigerators and we’ve delivered more units than anyone in the industry. While other RV appliance manufacturers were doubting the potential of 12V technology, we were innovating, building our platform from the ground-up to be efficient and safe.

Everchill fridges were made for boondocking with rapid cool-down times and low current draw so they will run longer than other RV fridges. And when paired with at least 120 watts of solar power and two deep-cycle batteries, the Everchill 11 cubic foot 12V fridge will run indefinitely. This means those off-grid adventures can last even longer.

Everchill 12V fridges have a residential-style look and features like stainless steel fronts, frost-free freezers, turbo cooling, LED lighting, digital temperature settings, and glass shelves. Larger models like the 17 cubic foot, feature French doors and a bottom freezer drawer. All our fridges will fit seamlessly and enhance the look in your RV kitchen.

Each Everchill 12V fridge offers the highest usable capacity compared with other fridges in the same size. That means you can bring more of your favorite food and drinks with you on those trips off the grid.

Everchill 11 Cubic Foot 12V refrigerator by Way

Everchill 12V fridge by Way holds more can than the competition

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