Innovation has been the backbone for our success for over a decade. With a history of first-to-market technologies and deep relationships, we continue to move the RV industry ahead

Our Story

Today’s RV owners are more tech-savvy, more informed, and more hands-on with their vehicles than ever before. There’s a demand for products that not only look great but deliver the latest features and functions that enhance the journey. Through our decades of RV-specific expertise, we lead the market on industry-specific technologies that meet the needs of RV owners. Recent examples include self-maintenance panels and voltage meters to help owners manage and address potential issues even before they may arise.

We combine the insight on what the RV owner wants; the technical know-how to create it; and the manufacturing, distribution, and installation expertise to deliver new, innovative products to the industry year after year.


We work hands-on and continuously with our RV original equipment manufacturer customers to concept, design, manufacture and install products that are custom-tailored to their vehicles

Our teams in the US and China have years of experience and focused technical expertise in the RV industry

Way is the recognized technology leader in the 12 Volt RV appliances category, especially Everchill refrigerators including our latest 17 cubic foot 12V fridge - the largest 12V in the industry

We continuously introduce first-to-market features like 3D Cooking in our ranges, built-in Bluetooth speakers that are marine-grade, and combination grills & griddles that maximize outdoor or indoor cooking potential

Way has also built deep partnerships with innovative brands like Hisense, Naxa, and Merlin with whom we’ve worked to create portable solar panels and 12V fridges that work together to allow you to boondock without worrying about power