It's something that gets debated a lot amongst RV owners, "What is the best way to power my RV?"

When away from the campsite or unable to attach to shore power, RVs need to run their necessities like vital appliances, electronics, and lighting.

The main options you can turn to are generators or solar power. Both types of remote power solutions have benefits. A generator will provide a large amount of power in bursts when it's on, while solar provides a steady and slow power source over a longer timeframe.

Here are some of the most common benefits of solar power while away from the campsite.

Freedom to Boondock

What's the greatest benefit of having an RV? We tend to believe it's the ability to boondock (camping off the grid and away from shore power) and see the beautiful sights nature has to offer.

With solar, your longevity away from an electricity plug-in can be sustained for many nights or even indefinitely.

Understanding and building a solar system that can work for your RV's needs is the most important thing. Solar output can be increased with more panels, charge controllers, and power stations to manage the balance between 12V and 110V appliance needs.

Reduced Cost

When it comes to cost, nothing is more affordable for the RV owner than solar.

Free power shines from the sun daily. After buying the initial equipment, you're off the hook for continual costs while collecting the free, useable energy provided by the sun.

Traditional generators need fuel to run. Between running costs and regular maintenance, your generator won't be as cost-effective as solar.

With No fuel, no maintenance, and no moving parts, meaning nothing to break, solar systems can last for over a decade and pay for themselves countless times.

No Noise, Emissions, or Regulations

Solar power is noise-free, and that's a real benefit.

While generators have their place in the RV power solution landscape, they come at a cost both literally and figuratively; they are rather loud. On the other hand, solar won't disturb your neighbors or even the quiet aesthetics your boondocking adventures present to you.

Some locations, like national parks or other camping-friendly spots, have sound regulations or allowance times that hamper generators use. With the quiet sound of solar, you won't be a disruption.

Finally, unlike a generator and its emissions, solar power doesn't have a lasting impact on the environment. Most who camp are at least slightly environmentally conscious, and using solar is better for mother nature.

Final Thoughts

Solar as an RV power solution is clean, quiet, and free of waste, maintenance, and operating costs. Not to mention, you have a virtually unlimited supply of sunlight, even with clouds in the sky.

Some may be intimidated or overwhelmed with the thought of leaping to solar power, but once your system is in place, you'll be glad you made a move.

Solar is a great power solution option, whether your travels take you to parts unknown or a local campsite. With a well-designed and powerful solar system, your high-quality 12V refrigerator, entertainment system, and more will never be without power, even off the grid.

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