solar and generators for RVs

Nothing delivers on the camping experience more than getting off the grid.

Sure, campgrounds have their place in the RV lifestyle, but hitting the open road and boondocking away from the masses is an enriching and memorable time for most recreational vehicle owners.

When at the campsite, an RV’s power is maintained and replenished with plugin or shore power. It allows the RV to run appliances, electronics, and RV essentials without using other external forms of battery charging.

When RV owners decide to take their RVs off the grid, they need to plan accordingly with trustworthy and reliable power sources to ensure their vehicle keeps running needed equipment and appliances.

Two off-the-grid power options that are complementary to one another are solar and generator power. When RVs include both these two power solutions, they are able to stay off the grid longer.

Solar Power

Solar is attractive as an off-the-grid power solution option. With a well-designed and powerful RV solar system, boondocking capability can go from a day to indefinitely while still running appliances like an Everchill 12-volt refrigerator.

Other solar benefits include the ability to harness a free power source. After the cost of startup equipment, running a solar power system is free of both running cost and maintenance. No additional cost or necessary fuel gives owners better freedoms while out on the road. Other solar benefits to consider include no noise or emissions and freedom from sound regulations.

Building an RV’s solar system requires high-quality solar panels, Like Elite Solar Panels from Way, for the roof of the vehicle or an Elite Solar Expansion Kit for RVs with an existing solar capability. Other solar equipment includes charge controllers to regulate the voltage and current flow from the panels to 12V batteries. Additional solar panels, charge controllers, expansion kits, and the necessary ports are available from the experts at Way to assist in building solar systems in your RVs.

Generator Power

While solar is a worthwhile power solution for your RV, the off-the-grid experience is enhanced with the addition of a backup generator to team up with an RV’s solar system.

Solar is reliable, and it does continue to produce power even when the sun isn't shining. However, having a backup generator can be added assurance if the weather doesn't provide the amount of power needed via solar.

Way's Elite Flex Power 4000-Watt Generator is uniquely designed for use in RV applications. Reliable and high-powered, the Flex Power Generator is more versatile, efficient, and quieter than competitor models.

Way's patented approach generates more consistent power output, provides better fuel efficiency, lower decibel levels, and safely powers many appliances and electronics. Dual fuel capacity allows for flexibility - gasoline provides a higher BTU, and propane runs cleaner and quieter. Compact and lightweight, the Flex power is over 40 pounds lighter than comparable models.

Why Pair Solar and Generators Together?

Time off the grid can be in remote and secluded situations.

While solar and generators are ultra-reliable, it is always best for RV owners to plan trips with multiple power solutions if shore power is unavailable.

Boondockers never want to be left in a compromising situation with a lack of electricity to run necessities. Issues with weather (solar) or equipment or fuel (generator) could arise, and it's best for owners to have a backup plan so they’re never without the power needed while out on the road.

For more information about solar and generator power while off the grid, reach out to our experts at Way.