RV Power Solutions

Ready to take your RV out on the open road without limitations? With the right RV power solutions, your vehicle can sustain away from the campsite and shore power for an extended time.

Boondocking, or camping off the grid, has become more popular recently with the societal emphasis on distancing. Off-the-grid stays are a quieter way to camp, far from the traditional services and amenities found at RV parks and developed campgrounds.

Those who love to boondock describe it as peaceful, more scenic, and a better overall experience because it usually lands travelers in some of the most beautiful destinations North America has to offer.

Boondocking, however, does have its share of challenges. Without a connection to water, sewer, or most importantly, electricity, planning, and resources are paramount to a worthwhile boondocking experience.

Outfitting your vehicle with the correct RV power solutions, including solar panels, power inverters, lithium batteries, and a full off-grid solar power system, will allow you to enjoy everything boondocking can offer.   

Way, a provider of RV essentials like appliances, electronics, and power solutions including RV solar panels that can help you upgrade your RV power system for better boondocking. Here are some of the power solutions you should consider if you want to take your RV off the grid.

Lithium-Ion 12V Batteries

With 12V batteries, you can power many significant parts of your recreational vehicle. Outfitting your RV with a reliable battery bank is essential for long-lasting power while off-grid.

From appliances like Way's innovative refrigerators to lighting, electronics, and more, 12-volt technology is one of the most critical power solutions while traveling in your RV.

Lithium Ion Batteries for RVs

Way proudly offers batteries from RELiON, a global leader in lithium-ion batteries for various applications, including recreational vehicles. Lithium-Ion 12V batteries provide many benefits over their traditional lead-acid counterparts.

Lithium-Ion Battery Benefits:

  • Safety – Safer chemistry. Battery Management System (BMS) provides extra protection
  • Lightweight - 50-60% less weight than lead-acid equivalent
  • More Usable Capacity – 25-50% more capacity than lead-acid
  • Maintenance-Free - Plug, play, and charge. No watering
  • Longest Life – Up to 10X longer cycle life than lead-acid equivalent
  • Constant Power - Full power available throughout discharge. Voltage doesn't drop
  • Fast Charging - Highly efficient charging. Can fully charge in 1-3 hours.
  • Non-Hazardous – No gasses emitted

For building the best battery banks and longer time off the grid, consider lithium batteries and all of their benefits when planning your power solution system.


For those campers who want to maintain an off-the-grid adventure, a solar capability is a must.

Why is RV solar power such a great way to manufacture power when boondocking? First and foremost, besides the cost of solar equipment, it's free. Using the sun, and its endless energy, to supply your RV's batteries a lasting charge is an easy and cheap way to stay off shore power.

Aside from the equipment costs, solar isn't going to cost you anything unless equipment needs to be replaced.

Here are the key components to a RV solar system:

  • Solar panels - Convert sunlight into electricity
  • Charge controller - Prevent your battery from overcharging
  • Inverter - Convert the DC solar electricity into usable AC power
  • Batteries - Store the electricity

For the Boondockers out there looking to build a reliable, cost-effective power system for their travel trailer, Elite by Way provides the high-quality solar products you need off-grid like panels, inverters, and charge controllers.

Many RVs will come with a small solar hookup (typically a 50-watt panel) already installed on their vehicle's roof. Elite also can provide your solution for solar expansion with our solar panel expansion kits.


A generator is a critical equipment component for your recreational vehicle if you are dry camping or boondocking for an extended stay.

When away from shore power and an electric hookup is unavailable, a trusted generator can provide AC power to all of your appliances and electronics that require 120 volt for operation. Generators can also charge and store energy inside your RV's 12V DC batteries for later use.

Elite by Way offers a high-powered generator specifically designed for RV use. Our Elite 4000 Watt Flex Power Generator delivers more power more efficiently using the newest technology. The "flex power" comes from an innovative design that allows our model to run on either gas or propane for added flexibility.

More compact and lightweight (50 pounds lighter) than comparable models, the Flex Power runs cleaner and greener with constant power output.

A generator can be your power system lifesaver when out in remote boondocking situations. When planning the right power solutions for your vehicle, stow a generator for added assurance.

Power Stations

Power stations, like the PowerMax models sold by Way, are an excellent choice for managing both the DC and AC power requirements within your recreational vehicle. Way’s power stations come with an AC/DC Smart Charger built-in to properly charge and fully maintain the battery voltage while providing clean 12V DC power for all sensitive electrical equipment, with or without a battery in line.

Lithium compatible and designed to be lightweight, power stations are easily mountable within an RV’s power center housing. 

Want to build the right system of RV power solutions for your camping needs and spend more time off the grid? Contact Way to learn more or shop all of our power system solutions on our website. Happy Boondocking!