12-volt fridge

Everchill by Way, the RV industry leader in 12-volt refrigeration, is excited to introduce new models to better outfit RV kitchens: The Everchill Premier Series.

Everchill Premier Series models come in 11 and 15.5 cubic feet, offering superior storage space to similar competitive models. Along with the specific benefits of 12-volt units from Everchill, the Premier series will showcase a new glass front finish that not only offers a more stylish and high-profile look but better matches the aesthetics of any RV kitchen.

"Our goal is to not only provide RV manufacturers and end-users with high-quality products, but ones that take the style, look, and functionality of an RV to the next level," said Wayne Kaylor, CEO, and Founder of Way. "We're excited about the Premier Series and will continue to add innovative and stylish products and models to not only our Everchill line but Way's other brands, including Greystone, Drive, Elite, and Haven."

12-Volt refrigerator

Way was the first manufacturer to bring 12-volt fridges to the RV marketplace in 2016 with the Everchill 11 cubic foot unit. Since then, Everchill models have been installed in more units than any other competitor unit. The most trusted 12-volt fridge in the industry, Everchill continues to be the go-to manufacturer for owners looking to upgrade their kitchen for better off-the-grid applications.

The Premier Series fridges help bring a new finish option to RV owners who want a more stylized look in their appliances. The glass front looks sleek and stylish and has added benefits for an active lifestyle, including added durability and scratch/dent resistance.

12-volt fridges, like the Premier Series, have benefits that make them an attractive option for vehicle owners. Everchill models are safer, have more storage space, and are better for boondocking, thanks to their charging ability with solar power. Another significant benefit of Everchill models is their turbo cooling fan, which helps units cool to temperature in under an hour compared to days for traditional absorption models.

"We continue to develop the kinds of products RV owners can rely on when camping not only at a campsite but while in boondocking situations," said Chris Greer, Vice President of Product Development at Way. "When an RVer has an Everchill model in their vehicle, they can trust it will provide the best refrigeration possible, even off the grid. With the Premier Series, we continue to give our customers what they want, residential-style units that look as good as they cool."

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