Introducing the next generation of RV generators: The 4000 Watt Elite Flex Power Generator from Way. 

A premium power solution that will meet portable needs, the Elite Flex Power Generator is ideal for RVs, camping, home backup, recreational activities, and emergencies. 

The Elite Flex Power’s compact and lightweight design removes the traditional bulk of most generators, making it easier to pack, carry and transport. Not only is it lighter at 121 pounds (42 pounds lighter than comparable generators,) but it’s also more versatile with the capability to run on both gasoline or propane. Duel fuel capacity allows for flexibility -  gasoline provides a higher BTU, and propane runs cleaner and quieter. Travel with peace of mind knowing your generator can change fuel sources with the simple flip of a switch. 

The Elite Flex Power features smart start technology, removing the traditional starter which commonly needs to be replaced over time. Smart start technology uses a digitally produced three-phase waveform passed to the alternator’s stator to efficiently rotate the engine during starting. Without a traditional starter, and no spark from a commutator, the risk of igniting combustible fuels is removed, improving overall safety. 

Unlike generators of the past, the 4000 Watt Flex power model is equipped with an integrated inverter for power production. This new and innovative patent-pending design brings many upgrades over traditional generator models. 

Benefits of new integrated inverter technology:

  • Better efficiency - On-demand power uses less fuel than other popular generator models both while running and at rest. 
  • Consistent output – Less distortion (3% compared to 17% in competitive models) allows you to power sensitive devices like laptops, tvs, and gaming consoles, without worrying about overload. 
  • Softer Sound – Consistent output allows for a quieter run without loud rev cycles.  
  • Green Machine – Significantly fewer emissions – up to 10x less output when compared to other generators.

The Elite Flex Power Generator is manufactured with power, performance, and, most importantly, safety in mind.

Safety features of the Elite Flex Power Generator: 

  • Fire-proof Design – Engineered and built to mitigate fire risk
  • Digital Valve Controller – Auto shutoff monitoring for fire prevention
  • Heat Sensor – Built-in protection from overheating and over-revving 

Your RV will be complete with the Elite Flex Power Generator. When partnered with solar power, your setup will keep you running even in extended boondocking and dry camping environments. 

Ready for the RV Industry’s most ELITE Generator? Contact us for more information and specifications.