Greystone by Way brings the heat!

No matter where your adventure takes you, Greystone Griddles and Grilles will turn your cooking up a notch. Whether at the campsite or boondocking, Greystone by Way’s trusted products will exceed your expectations.

Check out some frequently asked questions below regarding all things Greystone Griddles and Grilles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular ways to cook in an RV?

When out on the road, there are a variety of ways to accomplish getting a good meal cooked for you and your companions. Most RV’s come equipped with interior cooking appliances like a built-in cooktop, a compact oven, and a microwave.

Other appliances, like griddles, grilles, stoves, and other portable options allow for cooking on the go, whether inside the RV space, outdoors at a campsite, or off the beaten path when boondocking.


Are griddles good for indoor and outdoor cooking?

Portable griddles, like those made by Way, are excellent options for cooking both indoors and outdoors when out on the road. Not only are they compact and easy to use, they provide a significant cooking area and are easy to clean and store.


What are the benefits of different types of outdoor cooking appliances?

All three portable options have pros and cons, but also have their place in your RV cooking arsenal.

Griddles are versatile, grilles are excellent for cooking out, and stoves allow for water and other liquid boiling.

Way offers a side by side option that can combine your griddle and grill, removing some of the complexity of your portable appliance needs.


What size griddles does Way offer?

Way offers Greystone griddles in 17 and 25-inch models to best fit your cooking space and rig storage needs.


What size grilles does Way offer?

Way offers a two-burner outdoor grill that provides superior cooking surface space and convenience.


Does Way have combo cooking options?

If you are looking to maximize your cooking options, consider the 17 or 25-inch combo griddle and grill from Way. Have the best of both worlds with the power and precision offered by Way’s side by side 25-inch model that allows for both the grill marks you love and the do-everything versatility of a griddle.


How does the Griddle/Grill combo work?

The 17” combo griddle grill offers two interchangeable cooking surfaces, a cast iron flat top, and an additional grille. Both cooking surfaces cannot be used simultaneously. For simultaneous use, consider the 25-inch side-by-side combo griddle and grill.

Every Greystone griddle and grill model comes with a quick connect/disconnect gas hookup that allows for use inside your rig or outside amongst nature’s beauty.


Do I need to season my Way griddle?

All cast iron cooking surfaces, including Way’s griddles, should be seasoned before initial use and after every cooking session to eliminate oxidation. 

Check out this video to see how to season your Way griddle properly.


Are there any cooking accessories for my combo griddle and grill?

For those customers who currently have a 17” model, the industry’s best griddle just got better!

Don’t worry about delivery! A new pizza oven accessory is now available. Turn your combo griddle and grill into an on-the-road pizza oven. 

Learn more about or pizza oven add-on in this video.


How do I clean my griddle?

Make sure to first let your griddle cool after use before cleaning. 

Once cooled, use a stiff bristle brush to push all cooking residue into the grease collection reservoir. Using a paper towel and water, wipe down the cast iron surface and prepare for seasoning. 

Remember to season your cast iron griddle after every use. 

Video instructions on cleaning your Way griddle.


How do I power my griddle?

Way’s griddle and grille products come with a quick and easy connect/disconnect gas hookup providing the ability to cook wherever and whenever with ease. 

Connect to your rig’s propane hookup, or use portable propane to use anywhere. 

Check out this video to learn more about Way’s easy to use portable gas hookup


Can I use a griddle to cook for my whole family?

Way’s 17” and 25” griddles have excellent cooking surface space. The 17” model has a cooking surface of 259 inches, plenty of room to make meals for a couple or small family while on the road. 

Have a bigger crew? The 25” Greystone griddle has 382 inches of cooking surface, making it one of the best options in the industry for large scale cooking while on the road. Not only will it be enough space for all your hungry campers, you will have leftovers!


Do I need to season my Way griddle?

All cast iron cooking surfaces, including Way’s griddles, should be seasoned before initial use and after every cooking session to eliminate oxidation.

Check out this video to see how to season your Way griddle properly.


How do I store my griddle?

We design our products with your travels in mind. We know space is always a premium, and our griddles are compact enough to fit in most storage spaces.

We recommend a drawer or storage space of 19” x 9” for your 17-inch Way griddle.

Do you have any other questions about your Way griddle/grill that isn’t answered here? Contact us