Power more.
Boondock longer

Elite delivers complete solar power solutions for your
RV with the expertise to back it up

Solar power is ideal for boondocking. It’s cleaner and quieter than gas generators. It’s unlimited. And once the panels are installed, it’s free! With solar panels, accessories, and more from Way you can power more like your Everchill 12V fridge for longer.

Solar Expansion Kits from Elite help turn your basic solar installation into a powerful solution to run more RV appliances and electronics. Kits include additional panels, Y-connectors for easy hook-up, and charge controllers to handle the increased amperage.

In addition to our Elite solar panels and accessories, Way is also the exclusive provider of Merlin Solar panels for RVs. Merlin panels are military-grade, designed and made in the USA, and available in multiple sizes and both mounted and portable models.

Everchill fridges were made for boondocking with rapid cool-down times and low current draw so they will run longer than other RV fridges. And when paired with at least 120 watts of solar power and two deep-cycle batteries, the Everchill 11 cubic foot 12V fridge will run indefinitely.

Boondocking? Here's what you need to know about powering your RV appliances.

Increase your RV's Solar Capacity with Elite Solar Expansion Kit Overview

Elite Solar Expansion Kit - Way Product Installation Series

Everchill 11 Cubic Foot 12V refrigerator by Way

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