Way Interglobal Network LLC is the leading supplier for RV appliances, electronics, furnishings and more.

Our Story

For over a decade, Way has worked with leading RV manufacturers to design and develop the highest quality and most innovative appliances, electronics and more for the RV industry. We were first to market with 12 Volt refrigerators, are leading the industry with residential size and style appliances, and along with best-in-class partners like Merlin, Hisense, Naxa and others, bring new technology and new features to today’s RV owner.


Leaders in innovation through technology, continuous improvement and deep industry partnerships

We’ve built our reputation on high quality products, reliable service and support
Our leadership brings over fifty years’ experience in the RV industry and unlike many competitors in this space, we are wholly committed to the RV market

We’re an easy to work with and end-to-end partner with our customers and suppliers concepting, designing, manufacturing, and delivering products to meet the needs of the RV owner

Our exclusive brands - Everchill, Greystone, Drive, Haven, and Elite - are the most sought-after products by RV manufacturers and owners