Everchill by Way produces industry-leading, innovative 12V refrigerators in mini- to residential size. Learn more about Everchill fridges and 12V technology.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do 12V refrigerators perform compared to gas absorption fridges?

Everchill 12V refrigerators cool 75% faster than traditional gas absorption fridges.


Do 12V fridges use different technology than traditional refrigerators?

Everchill uses proven compressor technology on a 12V platform. Compressor technology has been around for 90 years and used by every major brand worldwide.


What sizes do 12V fridges come in?

Everchill 12V fridges are available in many sizes including our new 17 cubic foot model which is the largest 12V fridge in the industry. We also have Everchill 12V fridges in 12.7 cubic feet, 11, 7.7, 4.5, and 3.3 for any RV kitchen need.


Do Everchill 12V fridges need a drainage tube?

No. Everchill 12 fridges do not require a drain tube. Our 12V fridges auto-defrost just like a residential fridge.


How do 12V fridge features compare to residential fridges?

Everchill 12V fridges contain so many great features your kitchen at home may get jealous. LED lighting, turbo fan, digital temperature settings, on/off button, glass shelves, travel door lock, and more.


How do 12V fridges look compare to traditional RV fridges?

Everchill 12V fridges are stylish and will enhance any RV kitchen. Most models are available in stainless steel or black to match your design style.


How do Everchill 12V fridges perform on battery power?

In a recent test, the 11 cubic foot 12V fridge ran for over 43 hours on a single Group 27 battery while maintaining fridge and freezer temperatures. Watch our time-lapse video to see the test.


Can you use 12V fridges while boondocking or dry camping?

Yes. Everchill 12V fridges will run indefinitely with a 120 Watt solar panel and two deep-cycle batteries. Boondock with confidence. More questions about boondocking and solar? Check out answers to more boondocking FAQs.


How do 12V compare to 110V fridges?

With a 12V fridge you do not need an inverter to power your fridge using AC power and you will not lose out on power due to the inefficiency of the inversion process. Check out our video of a side-by-side comparison of our 12V fridge against a traditional 110V residential-style fridge.


Where are Everchill 12V fridges produced?

Our factories in China which produce Everchill 12V fridges employ thousands of workers. These facilities also build products for some of the largest appliances brands in the world.


How are Everchill 12V fridges produced?

Our 12V fridge factories use the latest automation technology for the majority of assembly.


Is Everchill a reliable brand for 12V fridges?

Yes. Everchill by Way is the innovative leader in 12V fridge technology for over four years. We were the first in the industry to bring residential-size 12V fridges to market starting in February 2017 and we have shipped over 150,000 12V units since then - the most in the industry.