We all know one of the best parts of the RV lifestyle is the ability to “disconnect.” Getting away from your busy, stress-filled days and genuinely enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind and spend time with family and friends.

When “off-the-grid,” you still want to enjoy some comforts, including fresh-cooked, delicious meals or fireside favorites you crave all year. With that in mind, one of the most critical decisions an RV owner will make is what kind of refrigerator they want to take along for the ride.

If you’re reading this, it might be because you’re making that pivotal decision about RV fridges. Which kind? What model? All of these questions are important, but you’re already doing the most important thing, your research.

At Way, we pioneered the residential-size 12V refrigerator model before anyone else in the industry. We did it first, and we know our Everchill 12V models have many benefits over more traditional gas absorption units. Our design and engineering led the way for other, more skeptical manufacturers to bring 12V models to consumers and RV makers.

Let’s look at some of the many benefits 12V refrigerator models can offer over their absorption counterparts.

12V Fridge Benefits

Safety – Every year, it’s estimated that 20,000 RVs catch fire, and one of the leading causes is RV refrigerators.

Gas appliances, like absorption RV fridge models, have upgraded their level of safety over the years, but the truth is they still require a flammable gas and a gas line. Gas and an open flame can be volatile, and that isn’t the best recipe when traveling down unknown roads where poor conditions or bumps can lead to unwanted safety hazards. Gas fridge safety concerns don’t stop with moving; gas leaks could become an issue to you or your family while stationary.

12V models don’t run on gas or flame, eliminating sparking hazards and improving overall safety.

More Spacious – Gas absorption isn’t an easy process.

When built, gas fridges’ absorption system can take up a good portion of usable space with the refrigeration compartments.  This is space better used for more fresh produce, meat, ice cream, or cold beverages for your crew.

12V models like our Everchill line remove the bulk of absorption systems and used pressurized refrigerant to cool its compartments.

Performance – How well your fridge cools is one of the most important factors. 12V electric models can get consistently colder than their competitive gas counterparts. The biggest drawback with gas fridges is they are often more affected by surrounding temperatures than electric. Want to take your rig to a region with sweltering temperatures? Your absorption fridge will only get so cold when dealing with extreme temperatures around it.

Another huge benefit of our Everchill 12V fridges is their incredible cooling time. Absorption units need days to cool to your desired temperature while our fridges are cool in under an hour, thanks to our turbofan feature.

Efficiency – When traveling in your RV, you have to be concerned with the efficiency of your power-draining appliances, lighting, and electronics. 12V fridge models consume less energy and can also run on both 12V DC power and 120V AC power for an added level of flexibility.

Absorption models primarily run on gas, but many still rely on 12V batteries for added power. While 12V isn’t their primary power source, they still drain a significant amount from the batteries, requiring frequent charging.

Flexibility – The added convenience that 12V fridges offer puts them over the top. Ever try to power an absorption model while driving up a mountain? How about when you’re late to the campsite and get that less than level spot? These are concerns you’ll have to consider because gas fridges don’t work unless you’re on level ground.

With Everchill, your fridge will work without being level or while driving on uneven terrain.

Best for Boondocking – We’ve thrown a lot of benefits at you to consider when it comes to picking a RV refrigerator, but we saved one of the most important for last. Everyone loves getting away from the campsite and off-the-grid. If you want to boondock, and not just for a day or two, but extended trips, 12V should be your fridge of choice.

With the added solar charging capability, your boondocking adventures can last without worrying about your food spoiling because of a dying refrigerator. As long as you set your RV up with the proper solar system, you will be able to power your fridge indefinitely.

We hope this information will help you weigh the pros and cons of 12V fridges vs. the competition. We know Everchill’s advantages like increased safety, performance, and efficiency coupled with better boondocking, storage, and flexibility will make it an excellent choice for any RV kitchen needing an upgrade.

Shop our 12V options today or contact Way to learn more about the benefits of adding an electric refrigerator to your RV.