Recreational vehicle owners have many decisions regarding the setup of their RV's kitchen. One of their most important choices is what kind of RV refrigerator they would like outfitted in their vehicle.  Traditionally, many RVs were equipped with an absorption model refrigerator, but 12-volt fridge models have become increasingly popular over the last five years

One of the greatest benefits of a 12-volt fridge for RVs is its versatility for boondocking. Boondocking is a type of camping where RV owners go off the grid away from the power and water of a traditional campsite. It's becoming an increasing trend within the community and requires adequate planning and equipment for success. 

If owners are looking to take their vehicles out on boondocking adventurers, here are some things about 12-volt refrigerators they should know. 

12-Volt Refrigerator Benefits for Boondocking

The 12-volt refrigerator has become a popular choice for RV owners because of its many benefits for boondocking. 12-volt fridges are more efficient than traditional absorption model refrigerators, and they take up less space. They also cool down faster, making them ideal for off-grid applications. It is crucial to have a fridge that can run on solar power or a backup generator when boondocking. Here are some other 12-volt fridge benefits owners should know when making an RV fridge buying decision. 

12-Volt Fridges are Safer 

12-volt fridge models are better for safety in RVs than traditional absorption model refrigerators. They have fewer moving parts than conventional absorption refrigerators, making them less likely to break down or cause a safety issue. They also have a lower risk of fire because, unlike absorption models, they don't require an open flame for operation. 

When boondocking, it is vital to have a fridge that is safe and reliable. 12-volt refrigerators meet all these requirements and are the best choice for RV owners looking for a safe and trustworthy refrigerator model while not only camping but boondocking off the grid. 

12-Volt Models Cool Faster, Use Less Energy, and are More Spacious

12-volt refrigerators are an excellent option for boondocking because they cool faster, use less energy, and have more space for food storage.

When boondocking, every watt of energy needs to be used efficiently, and 12-Volt fridges utilize your power supply best in off-grid applications. Thanks to cooling features like those in Everchill’s 12-Volt models, these fridges can be cool in under an hour. Their fast cooling capability is days less than absorption models and requires far less energy to get down to the desired temperature. 

What about storage space? With 12-Volt models, you remove the bulk of absorption parts and allow for more refrigeration space while out on the road. 

Check out this video comparing the storage size of 12-Volt vs. the competition

What RV Owners will need to Boondock with their 12-Volt Refrigerator 

To successfully boondock while still running a 12-volt refrigerator, RV owners will need to have a few pieces of equipment. One of the essential items is a reliable solar panel system. 12-volt refrigerators can run off solar power, making them the perfect choice for boondocking. 

High-quality deep cell 12-volt batteries will also be necessary to power and recharge a 12V refrigerator. Way recommends at least 120 watts of solar power and two deep-cycle batteries for extended off-the-grid use.  

Another vital piece of equipment is an RV generator. 12-volt refrigerators can also run off of generators, making them an excellent option for camping in areas without access to solar power. Backup charging options like a generator also assure your fridge and the rest of your RV necessities are powered when solar might not be at a premium. 

Finally, RV owners should pack plenty of food that doesn't require refrigeration. It is crucial to ration supplies when boondocking and only use the fridge for necessary items. Packing a variety of food that doesn't require refrigeration can be a benefit in long-term boondocking environments. 

12-volt refrigerators are the best option for RV owners looking for a safe and trustworthy refrigerator model while not only camping but boondocking off the grid. 12-volt fridges are safer, cool faster, use less energy, and have more space than traditional absorption models making them the best choice for those adventurous campers looking to get away from the connections of a campsite and see more of the outdoors while boondocking. 

Check out all of Everchill by Way 12-Volt Refrigerator models to learn more about their boondocking capabilities. Want to start planning an adequate power system for your RV to maximize boondocking? Way has the information and solutions you need.