Everchill 12V Fridges, like the 11 cubic foot model make food storage in your RV more efficient, affordable, and better for off-the-grid camping and boondocking. 


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the setup and use of our industry leading 11 cu ft 12V model

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do you power on your Everchill Unit?

To power on your unit, press and hold the set button for 10 seconds.


What temperature settings should we use when starting up our refrigerator?

After turning on your unit, set the freezer compartment to the middle of the cold and colder dial. For the refrigeration compartment temperature settings range from 1 to 5, we recommend #3 on start up.


How quickly will my unit cool down to temperature during initial start up?

A major benefit of 12-volt refrigerators is their rapid cooling capability. After setup, your unit will be cooled to temperature within 45 minutes to an hour. Perfect for starting when you leave for your destination and cold long before you arrive.


Do I have to do anything special if I have a 12-volt refrigerator?

12-volt refrigerators work the same as other RV models and do not require any additional effort on the part of the owner. 12 volt batteries come equipped in every RV coach. When plugged into shore power at the campground, 12-volt batteries recharge.


How do I secure my unit when on the road?

11 cubic foot 12-volt models come equipped with a travel lock to assure your unit is locked when in travel. We recommend opening with caution after arrival in case anything has shifted inside while on the road.


Will I see frost or condensation on my unit?

The 11C 12V refrigerator is the only model on the market that is frost-free. There should be no condensation, ice, or frost on your unit.


What else should we consider when setting up and using our 12-volt refrigerator?

Here are some other things to remember for set up and use of your unit.

-        Do Not use your refrigerator to cool the inside of your RV

-        Try to find level ground when setting up at a campsite

-        Both inside/outside can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning pad and warm soapy water


We hope this has answered some questions about the setup and use of our 12-volt refrigerator models. If you have any other questions, or needs, reach out to our team at our website wayinterglobal.com.