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Graphic of RV with a comfortable homestyle kitchen
Graphic of RV with a comfortable homestyle kitchen
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March 1, 2017

Next visit to China just weeks away

A Way team is preparing for our next visit to our offices in Donguann, China in April for two weeks of meetings with our staff, engineers, and manufacturers. We will be visiting several of our factories throughout China to approve our latest prototypes for several new product launches. We have several new products releases planned for 2017, including new Greystone fireplaces, Everchill refrigerators and Drive stereos and backup cameras.



February 24. 2016

Visits to China

A team from Way Interglobal visited all of our factories in China in October 2015. We visit our factories often to meet our quality control teams and engineers. Nothing replaces face-to-face meetings to ensure that our design and features are being implemented in our new products.

We are excited to once again have a team heading to China in April 2016 for the Hong Kong Fair, Canton Fair and to evaluate final prototypes on eight(8) new products we developed and will introduce in 2016. With over 20 million square feet of production space among all of our factories, we are primed to continue releasing new product offerings with the latest technology.



July 11, 2014

Way Interglobal Network Awarded LG Appliances!

Way Interglobal Network was recently awarded the LG line of top rated refrigerators & appliances. The announcement comes just as we were looking to expand our product lineup of interior products for our lineup of RV products.


LG is known for its exemplarily products that are both stylish and functional. And their RV appliances and refrigerators are designed with size in mind. Get the looks and the use you’re looking for, but without excess wasted bulk and weight.



June 11, 2014

Greystone Fireplace Lineup Expanding!

The #1 selling electric fireplace brand, Greystone, will be adding 2 more models to its already extensive and award-winning line up. Way Interglobal Network is proud to offer 7 Greystone Fireplaces for your RV, and we’re excited to see the newest models that are in production now.

Check out current line of Greystone fireplaces on our Products Page and see how you can benefit from having a wall mounted electric fireplace in your RV. Sizes range from 23″ all the way up to 28″, and have a variety of log combinations. Learn more about our Fireplace products by calling our team today at (574)-971-4490.



December 5, 2013

RVIA Louisville Show 2013

Louisville 2013

Hot on the heels of the Midwest RV Supershow, the RVIA Louisville show came and went in an eventful flash. With the RV industry expected to ship more than 300,000 units for the first time since the ’08 recession, over 60 manufacturers and 225 suppliers had exhibits set up for dealers in Louisville.

Way Making Waves

Despite not having an official booth set up at the show, Way Interglobal made their presence felt with a wide variety of items showing up in units.



October 30, 2013

SMART TV Technology



Over the past 20 years, SMART technology, also referred to as connected tv or hybrid tv, has gone from a patent, to, as Apple CEO Tim Cook put it, “a game changer“. Smart TV’s look the same as non-smart or “dumb” TV’s, but integrate the internet and web 2.0 into its software, making it much more versatile.


What makes a SMART TV Smart?

The main attraction to SMART TV’s is its ability to access the internet. But take note, this is in no way a one trick pony. In addition to being able to access a web browser, Smart TV’s (such as the one offered by Hisense) are able to launch video streaming services such as Netflix and Vudu, offer built in games, as well as wireless content sharing.


The ability to access streaming videos has been huge for Canadian RV dealers. In the US, TV antennae’s are able to pick up a multitude a channels, however Canada does not have this luxury. Instead of receiving ten to twenty channels, they are often times lucky to get one, this is where the smart TV comes in. All the user has to do is activate their phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot (no router or modem necessary) and connect the TV to it. After that the camper has everything from every episode of The Office, to movies the whole family can enjoy.

The wireless content sharing is really catching on as well. When on a family trip everyone takes photos and wants to show them off, well gone are the days of huddling around ones phone to see them. Hisense Smart TV’s have a free app called “Twonky”, and with this free app, as long as the phone and TV are on the same network, showing pictures, videos, and music is as simple as clicking the picture and having it show up on the TV screen. It really is that simple.

Growth of the SMART TV

According to a report from the researcher NPD In-Stat, only about 12 million U.S. households have their SMART TVs connected to the Internet, although In-Stat estimates about 25 million U.S. TV households own a set with the built-in network capability. Also, In-Stat predicts that 100 million homes in North America and western Europe will own television sets that blend traditional programs with Internet content as soon as 2016.


When asked about the Smart TV technology, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that after using a Smart TV and then using his regular TV, “When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years. It’s an area of intense interest.”



October 31, 2012

2013 Elkhart RV Show


Optimism for the Midwest RV Supershow

This past August 8-11, the RV/MH Hall of Fame hosted the 58th Midwest RV Supershow. Matt Rose, director of recreation vehicles for the Indiana Manufacturing Housing Association-Recreation Vehicle Industry Council (IMHA-RVIC) was optimistic heading into the show. He anticipated 5,000 people to flock to the site, and saw 13 dealers sign on this year, up from 8 at last years show.


Shipment numbers are up about 13% from a year ago



The show drew approximately 4,100 attendees. While this fell short of Rose’s projection, it was still a 10% increase in attendance from last years show, peaking with 1,700 flocking to the show on Saturday the 10th. With 83% of the nations RV’s coming from the Elkhart area, the show has been a major gateway for dealers to showcase upcoming models and new product innovation, such as Way Interglobal’s Hisense Smart TV.

Steady Growth

Rose was very pleased with the show. “The most important thing, the dealers are very happy,” Rose said. “Nearly everybody there, in terms of the dealers, did very well. They sold a lot of units.” A report from WSBT only helped to enforce that fact, stating that projections have this year’s shipments exceeding 300,000 for the first time since 2007. It would mark the fourth straight year of increased numbers.


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