Way Partners with RELiON Battery

Way Interglobal has announced a new partnership with RELiON Battery, a global battery provider. The agreement will allow Way to add RELiON’s lithium battery products to its current offering of power solutions for both RV manufacturers and end-users looking to improve their vehicles.

As more RV owners are getting out on the road, industry demand for lithium batteries has grown over the last several years. Way is excited to offer an alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries that are more lightweight, faster charging and have a lifespan that is 10X longer than competitive 12-volt options.

“Way is a leader in RV appliances, furnishings, power solutions, and we are proud to add RELiON batteries to our innovative products,” said Wayne Kaylor, Chief Executive Officer of Way. “Along with our trusted brands Elite, Greystone, Drive, Haven, and Everchill, we are always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships that will offer our customers the best solutions during their travels.”

RELiON’s LiFePO4 RV batteries advantages include more power, lighter weight, significantly longer lifespan, longer run time, and provide more energy for higher consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. Another significant benefit is they’re maintenance-free, where lead-acid requires active maintenance or life span is shortened.  

“RELiON is a leading manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries across many applications, and their high-quality offerings will fit nicely with our other power solutions,” said Christopher Greer, Way’s Vice President of Product Development. “ReLiON’s batteries will be great for our customers who want to get more out of their RV. Lithium is the sought-after battery in today’s RV marketplace, and Way is proud to offer the long-lasting, trusted power of RELiON.”

Way helps outfit RV owners with the systems necessary for longer boondocking or trips off the grid away from the campsite. Products like the Everchill 12-volt refrigerator, the RV industry’s first 12-volt model on the market, works well in boondocking situations with proper energy planning and storage. Adding a reliable and trusted battery line will allow Way to offer complete RV solutions, including appliances, electronics, and the necessary products to power them, including solar, generators, and now deep cycle batteries.

"We are thrilled to bring our lithium battery solutions to Way customers across the U.S.,” said RELiON Battery CEO Paul Hecimovich. “We have the same goals; to provide reliable, long-lasting power so people can go where they want and when they want with ease. We look forward to this partnership and continuing to bring industry-leading lithium batteries to the forefront.”