Way Launching a Dual Swing RV Refrigerator

Way Interglobal, the industry innovator of the original 12-volt RV refrigerator, has announced a pending patent on a new fridge model that will feature a dual-swing door that opens from either side. 

This revolutionary product will be the first of its kind in the RV marketplace and will benefit both RV manufacturers and owners due to its convenience and space-saving features. 

"We continue to try and innovate within the RV refrigeration space," said Way CEO Wayne Kaylor. "We want to help both our OEM customers who trust the Everchill brand and RV owners who want convenience and efficiency while in their home on the road."

Way was first to market with the 12-volt fridge engineered for off-the-grid applications.  The new dual-swing refrigerator will join the company's expansive Everchill product line, which features 12V and 110V fridges from 1.3 to 17 cubic feet in various external finishes.  

The innovative dual-swing model will first be available in 10.7 cubic feet in the Everchill Premier Series, featuring a durable glass front finish. Way's Vice President of Product Development, Chris Greer, said they plan to offer more sizes with the dual-swing capability eventually. 

12-volt fridges like Way's Everchill models offer many benefits to RV owners, including improved safety, faster cooling, more usable space, and better boondocking than absorption models. 

"We were first with 12-volt models and will continue to be the leader in RV refrigeration," said Kaylor. "With the dual-swing innovation, Way will make life easier for RV manufacturers and more convenient for lovers of the RV lifestyle. This model will help remove kitchen layout challenges, up manufacturing efficiency, and help owners get the most out of the RV refrigerator."

Everchill dual swing refrigerator models will be available mid-summer 2022.