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The popularity of boondocking continues to grow and is expected to see a significant rise again this summer with the arrival of warm weather across the country. But there is a lot of confusion in the market about what’s needed to facilitate these off-the-grid adventures. Way has recently launched a new series of videos, articles, infographics, and more that will help RV manufacturers, dealers, and owners prep their vehicles for longer, off-grid trips. This exclusive content from Way - on YouTube, WayInterglobal,com, and in email newsletters - will seek to educate the category on topics such as how solar technology works and answering some boondocking frequently asked questions. The first video in this series was recently published to the Way YouTube channel.

“We hear from lots of folks, including new and long-time RV owners, that they don’t understand how much power they need, or how to get the most of what they do have” says Chris Greer, VP of R&D and Product Development at Way. “We set out to create this content to inform these owners, and the dealers they speak with, to make sure they are armed with the technology and the knowledge to make the most of their boondocking trips.”

Way has been the industry leader in 12V technology for nearly five years, driving innovation in RV refrigerator technology, features, sizes, and style. Way has also been a leading solar solution provider through its Elite solar panels and expansion kits as well as exclusive solar products for the RV industry from Merlin Solar. This combination of expertise puts Way at the center of the boondocking puzzle and will be bringing this expertise to this content series.

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