Way Joins RVWA; Empowering Women in the RV Industry

Way is excited to announce that the company has joined the RV Women’s Alliance as an Advocate Sponsor. The RVWA was founded in 2019 to support women working in the RV industry through recruiting, training, mentorship and more. Through networking opportunities, virtual and in-person events, and the Drab to Fab project, the RVWA is dedicated to fostering the next generation of female RV Industry leaders and innovators. As a partner, the women and men on the Way team are looking forward to connecting with other leaders in the industry and participating in future events.

Jasmine Teifert has been with Way since 2016 and currently serves as the Customer Service Manager. “It’s been great to see the team at Way grow over the past five years, especially to be able to bring more women onto the team,” said Teifert. Other women joining Jasmine on the Customer Service team are Kyra Johnson and Stephanie Reynolds. “Our services team works with our manufacturer partners as well as RV owners so we really have our hands on all aspects of the Way business,” added Teifert.

The Finance team at Way is another group that has seen the positive impact of women joining in key roles. Kelly Davis has been with Way for two years and currently serves as the Director of Finance. “I’m excited for Way to be part of the RVWA community and connect with other women leaders in the industry,” said Davis. Kim Cronin, Casey Brown and Jennifer Wagner are other women who have joined the Finance team over the past year.

Morgan Robinson has been with Way since 2017 and recently moved into the Aftermarket Coordinator role, running Way’s growing direct-to-consumer business. “I’ve learned so much in my time working at Way in different roles and I am looking forward to connecting with women in other organizations through the RVWA to compare notes and pass along things I’ve picked up,” said Robinson. Dustti Oswalt and Debra Drum are Order Entry Coordinators helping Way scale with recent business growth. “To know where we’ve come from and where we’re going in 2021 and beyond has been really exciting,” said Oswalt who has been with Way for over three years.

Mary Humphrey, the Way Office Manager and Kelly Stephens, HR Manager, are among the longest-tenured team members at Way. woman or man. Stephens has been with the company for over seven years. “As the HR Manager, I’m fortunate to be in position to meet many talented women in this industry and we’re committed to continuing to add more and more women to our organization across roles.”

“Women have and will continue to play a critical role in our success at Way. We’re honored to be a part of the RVWA and to support their important mission to empower women in our industry,” said Wayne Kaylor, CEO of Way.

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