Largest 12V fridge in the industry - 17 cubic feet! - now available from Way
Way Interglobal is proud to introduce the new 17 cubic foot 12-volt RV refrigerator by Everchill. This new model builds on the decades of continuous innovation you expect from Way, including the first-in-industry 12V fridge. Now with 17 cubic feet of space, you can truly Take Your Home on the Road® - and bring along all your food and drinks with you!

For the first time ever, a 12V refrigerator is available in residential size. At 30” wide and counter-depth, the latest model from Everchill by Way is the perfect addition to the upgraded kitchens in today’s RV models. With features like stainless steel finish, french doors and freezer drawer, LED lighting, glass shelves and more this RV fridge will make any home kitchen jealous.

It not only looks great, but performs great as well. As with our other Everchill 12V fridges, you not only get high capacity but outstanding efficiency. Our turbo cool features get food cold faster and keep it cold longer, including keeping frozen foods frozen. The 17 cubic foot fridge is easy to install - no power inverter, no external ventilation needed. And as always, you get the outstanding service and support from your partners at Way to ensure seamless design and installation.

“We know that consumers are looking for that feel of home when they’re in their RVs,” says Wayne Kaylor, CEO of Way. “What better way to give it to them than a residential size refrigerator for their vehicles. As the leaders in 12V fridges, we’re excited to work with our OEM partners to outfit their latest vehicles with this 17 cubic foot model.”

Kaylor continued, “We also know how important being able to dry camp is to RV owners today, so like all our 12V fridges, the new 17 cubic foot model is designed for boondocking.” The fridge pairs with Merlin solar panels, available from Way, and two deep cycle batteries to give owners the freedom to roam and never worry about powering up in the morning.
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