Elite by Way Announces New Power Solution: The Elite Flex Power Generator

Way Interglobal is excited to announce its newest power solution to the RV marketplace, the Elite Flex Power Generator.

The Flex Power is the next generation of RV generators and is ideal for camping, at-home backup, recreational activities, and emergency power needs. Designed to be more compact and lightweight than other comparable models, the flex power is over 40 pounds lighter than competitive 4000-watt generators currently on the market.

“We want to offer RV manufacturers and owners the best solutions for their power needs,” said Wayne Kaylor, Chief Executive Officer of Way. “The next natural step was adding a generator that was the highest-quality and capable of being labeled Elite.”

Way’s Elite brand offers power solutions that “keep your adventures on the road,” like solar panels, expansion kits, and other RV essentials.

Elite’s new unit is dual fuel compatible to enhance flexibility and run on gasoline or propane. Gasoline allows a higher BTU output, while propane runs cleaner and quieter to meet the varying power needs of every situation.

The Elite Flex Power features smart start technology, removing the traditional starter, a part that may need to be replaced over time in some generators. Smart start’s digital startup also eliminates the need for a spark from a commutator, removing combustion risk and improving overall safety.

“There is a lot to like about the Elite Flex Power Generator,” said Christopher Greer, Vice President of Research and Development at Way. “We have designed and manufactured our generator to answer some of the most common concerns with today’s typical RV generators. Whether its size and weight, the fuel source, its volume, or the way it interacts with sensitive devices like electronics, we’ve taken these things into account when developing and attaching our trusted industry name to the product.”

Another unique feature of the Power Flex Generator is its integrated inverter for power production. This patent-pending design brings many upgrades over similar models, including better efficiency, less distortion/more constant output, softer sound with no rev cycles, and significantly fewer emissions.

Most Importantly, Way’s newest generator has enhanced safety features to protect both users and their RVs. Fireproof design, a digital valve controller with auto-shutoff monitoring, and a heat sensor for built-in safeguarding from overheating provide high-level protection during use.

“We want to offer a full array of power solutions for RV manufacturers and end-users,” said Kaylor. “When pairing our Elite products’ like the flex power and solar with other Way offerings like our 12-volt refrigerators, RVers are set up for success out on the road.”

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